Monday, June 22, 2009

Alaskan Exposure

Last week, I was very fortunate to spend 9 days traveling with a group of 5 companions in the midst of Alaskan grandeur. This adventurous opportunity arose after an email from a good friend from my South Pole days, Don, who owns an Alaskan tour company called Exposure Alaska.

Most of this adventure week was spent in the backcountry of Alaska, off the grid, with my sleeping bag for my bed and a vigilance for bears in my head.

The main adventures were:

1) Kayaking
3 days/2 nights spent on the Prince William Sound, exploring various coves and hanging out on the beach when the wind got too high for us to continue.

2) Ice Climbing on the Matanuska Glacier
A day of awesome!

3) White Water Rafting the Nenana River

4) Backpacking
2 days/1 night and 13 miles of trail. We really did get away from it all.

Not only was the trip expertly guided with yummy food along the way, I was presented with 360 degree views of mountains almost daily. I also spent quality time with friends new and old and brought home with me some great memories (along with some lingering mosquito bites).

KR: Don's cabin and wood-fired hot tub

Don and I paddling around the Prince William Sound

Don getting tipped by a juvenile humpback whale. I think his face says it all!

My kayak taking a break while I ate lunch

Trees killed due to the shift in salt water after an earthquake in the 80's

My home for most of the trip

My adventurous companions
Steve (Assistant guide with a good singing voice), Levette (a sweet Southern girl), Julie (our super cool guide), Stig and Michelle (father/daughter team from Denmark)

Levette, Steve and I taking a break and enjoying the view

Ice climbing on the Matanuska Glacier


Grizzly bear with 2 cubs

Wolf with prey

Our final and very civilized meal together in Alaska at the conclusion of our adventure

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Team Box Knockers

Introducing the newest and coolest softball team in Portland! We're pretty bad but we have a lot of fun. Our first game was tonight, and we only lost by 6 (10-4). Until next week when maybe we'll lose by less...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Adventures on Smith Rock

This weekend, 8 intrepid Portlanders left the comfort of their cozy homes in the city to partake in some rock climbing and hiking at Smith Rock State Park. The park itself lies on a desert plateau at about 3000 feet and contains over 1000 climbing routes. It was a great weekend with the perfect mix of quality time with friends, eating good food, hot-tubbing and adventuring.

One of many views of a river canyon found throughout the park

Elliot and I climbing our routes

Josh belaying K

The Sunday Hikers

Bee on a flower

Moody storms over the distant mountains

Monkey Face

A calm bit of river moments before the rain came