Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Evening Picnic

A few nights ago, my friend and I were able to break away from work a little earlier than normal (thank you for covering, Joolee!) so we could go for a walk and have a picnic on the glacier. Neither of us had been out on the glacier since June so it was just what we needed! Not only did we get to see how much the glacier had changed during the summer melting season, we also got to have some quality time and even finished off the night with a refreshing, albeit slightly cold, swim in a lake on the moraine. Freedom!
I heart the Matanuska Glacier

Sun on our faces and a warm night for tank tops on the ice

Picnicing in crampons

I can't get enough of these sweet smelling flowers, the Alaskan Sweet Pea...featured with the Chugach mountain range in the background.

Monday, July 23, 2012

MICA Mocha

With beautiful views of the Chugach Mountains and the Matanuska Glacier, MICA Mocha is the newest espresso and ice cream truck around. Staffed by the logistics turned barista crew of MICA Guides, we can make you a fine cup of espresso while serving you up a delicious scoop of "Moose Tracks" or "Caramel Caribou" ice cream. So don't hesitate. Come see us!

The adorable barista, Meagan...her smiles make everything taste better

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Matanuska in the News

This week, a local news crew from Anchorage came to do a piece on my summer home, the Matanuska Glacier. Though I seldom watch the news, even when I live somewhere where I have a tv, this is worth watching just to get a visual for that large chunk of ice I've fallen head over heels for. The guide, my cool and very expressive friend Alyssa, is featured throughout as well. Unfortunately I can't embed the video, so click on the link below to watch.
Matanuska Glacier Tour

Monday, July 9, 2012

One. Big. Zip.

This season, MICA, my summer employer, opened a new zipline, adding a minute long thrill ride to their ever-increasing repertoire of adventure activities at the Matanuska Glacier. And to make my summer of random jobs complete, ensuring my resume will never look the same, I am now a bona fide "zipline guide", sometimes sending zippers off of a 3 story tower and sometimes being a brake for them at the end of their ride. The zipline itself is a 1/4 mile long with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and the Matanuska River and since I often zip down after all others have been sent, I can vouch that it is an awesome ride.
Braking zippers at the end of their 1/4 mile journey

Attaching a pulley before double-checking the harness and sending a zipper on his way

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kayaking on the Prince William Sound

Last week, as part of my cool summer job, I got to tag along on the kayak portion of one of our guided Exposure trips. There were 6 of us total on this kayak adventure; 2 kiwis, 1 aussie and our 2 guides who are also members of my summer family. Together we kayaked for 3 days and 2 nights and though the weather was rainy wet the whole time, the scenery was beautiful. We were inundated with snow covered mountains, tidal glaciers, seals, otters and bald eagles. The hardest part of the trip was putting on wet clothes in the cold morning (2 minutes of pure discomfort) but the payoff of making new friends and being in the great Alaskan outdoors made it all worth it. Not sure how I'll be able to go back to a desk job after this!
4 kayaks taking a break on shore

My fun kayak mate from Australia...we paddled really well together

Getting up close to the Beloit Glacier

Vivid plants on rocky shores

Feeling dry and drinking post-kayak celebratory beers at the aptly named, Long Rifle Lodge