Monday, May 10, 2010

2nd Annual Mt. St. Helens Mothers Day Climb

I often wonder if climbing a mountain is comparable to race day for professional athletes. You wake up early, you feel a keen sense of anticipation from the moment you open your eyes and you know in that moment that without a doubt, you are going to expend every bit of energy you have that day trying to succeed.

This was the case with 23 climbers on a beautiful Saturday morning last weekend on Mt. St. Helens, as we all set out for the long 6000' climb to the crater rim. We talked, we laughed, we focused, our heartrates accelerated and some of us struggled more than others but after approximately 6 hours of taking step after step, we all made it! And in following a mountain tradition, every single one of us wore a dress to celebrate our moms.

Our lofty goal

Making our way up to and past 5000'

A very happy crew of dressed up climbers on the crater rim at 8200'

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!