Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Scramble in Santiam

This weekend 9 crazy Portlanders left town and headed south for Run Wild Adventure's 2011 Santiam Canyon Scramble. Not your average race, the scramble was a 5 mile on and off trail adventure run that took us up steep hillsides, over logs, down muddy embankments, through streams and even on a path behind a beautiful waterfall.

Pre-race photo

Crossing one of many streams
Did I mention it was 37 degrees out?

Even Sasquatch made an appearance

Finally finished, tired but happy

A post-race fire to help us keep warm

Heading to brunch and then home with muddy backsides

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Roller Skating in P-Town

At the age of 32, I finally realized that I know how to roller skate. Last week, Google put on a free show at the roller rink in Portland, and it was amazing! It was a very Portland scene with local band, The Thermals, playing on the sidelines while a crowd of mostly adults went round and round. Before that night, I only had these wispy childhood memories of falling on hard surfaces repeatedly. Now I know that I can easily find a skating groove and stay upright. Thanks Google for helping me find a new love!

Laced up and ready to go but nervous

A blurry pic of JL passing by the stage where The Thermals were playing (taking photos on my iPhone while skating is obviously not my strong suit)

The scene after the crowd thinned out
I didn't stop skating once during the show