Friday, May 18, 2012

4th Annual Mt. St. Helens Mothers Day Climb

For the 4th year in a row, gear was assembled, dresses were donned and my friends and I were off for another Mother's Day summit attempt of Mt. St. Helens. This year, the weather was great, warm sun with a light chilling breeze, and a fun but challenging time was had by all.
17 intrepid peak ascenders start out on the trail at 5 am to get as much hiking in before the sun comes up and starts melting the snow

Hiking through the woods to get to the mountain proper

Dresses swaying as we continue up the mountain with beautiful Mt Adams watching our every step

And on up the mountain we go, sort of like doing a stair climber for hours on end

At the summit, eating, resting and enjoying the sun and the views. 16 out of 17 of us made it to the top!

In 2007, I climbed Mt. Hood for the first time with some amazing people. Two bottles of Bridgeport IPA joined us on that climb but were not drank and Daniel saved them until this moment for us to share on another summit. Who knew beer could be both poignant and so tasty! Team IPA forever!

At the summit with views of the crater rim and Mt. Rainier while thinking of my momma

Monday, May 7, 2012

Boat Work

One of my cool Portland friends is really into sailing and as such, has 2 boats. One is a 20' Cal currently docked on the Columbia river while the other is a 34' Benford Sailing Dory, on land and in the middle of a long-term remodel project. Once the project is complete, this large boat will be ocean worthy and will sport some cool Asian junk style sails.

While I often get to go sailing on the smaller boat on the Columbia, I also occasionally go and help with the remodel project on the larger boat. This usually involves drilling, swinging a hammer, sanding or whatever else is needed to be done. Maybe it's because I normally sit at a desk and work on computers all day but I love me a good day of manual labor!
My task this week was to demo the inside bow of the boat

All shelving, platform and wall paneling removed and part of the floor already sanded!

A prime example of why the remodel project is even happening at all. After removing this steel nail (which is not suitable on a boat due to rust), you can see daylight as it went all the way through the hull

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oregon Weekend Adventures

Last weekend, I was reminded of why I love living where I live as I went from skiing on Mt. Hood to a beautiful hike in the Columbia River Gorge. Portland and the surrounding area is truly an outdoor enthusiasts playground. Much love!
Mt. Hood, my favorite mountain, peeking out from above the ski slopes
So happy to be able to make it up once since I was away most of the season

My ski buddy for the day, Josh, hamming it up for the camera

Not looking quite as graceful, I at least had a good run and a good view (look at those clouds!)

A Sunday hike on the challenging Ruckel Ridge was full of all these cool rock outcroppings

Spring wildflowers dotted the hillsides at lower elevations

While snow greeted my two hiking companions and I at the Benson Plateau (approx. 3,700')

A creative crossing of a the very full and fast-moving Ruckel Creek

And finally, making our descent on the Ruckel Creek trail through meadows and with beautiful views of the Columbia

Ruckel Creek, so vibrantly green, close to the trailhead