Monday, February 15, 2010

A Pretty Perfect Preident's Day Weekend

I'm not sure what made this weekend more perfect.

It all started when my friends and I packed up our stuff and drove from the city to a quaint woodland cabin on my favorite nearby mountain.

After that, this perfect weekend could have been due to a beautiful hike in a typical Oregon forest with a fair amount of post-hike relaxation watching the olympics.

Or perhaps it was due to regular trips to the hot tub with an exciting jump in the nearby and cold Sandy river (though not as cold as Antarctica).

Or maybe it was the late night card game, shared by all at the dining room table that ended with us calling each other by our new dinosaur names.

Or possibly it was due to the fact that the biggest dilemma of my weekend was finding my lost chapstick.

After weeks of travel and stress, a weekend spent in a beautiful setting around close, comfortable friends was absolutely priceless.

Our woodland cabin

Some pretty happy hikers

A massive tree and Bob

A rushing river with mossy Oregon

A Valentine's Day gift from my super sweet parents, found on my patio upon my return to Portland