Monday, June 27, 2011

A Summit of Mt. Hood

This weekend, 11 hardy, adventurous and brave friends left Timberline Lodge to climb up and play on our favorite mountain that sits in Portland's backyard, Mt. Hood. We left out Saturday morning starting at 6,000' and climbed up to Triangle Moraine at 9,000' to camp for the night. After a full day of climbing, setting up camp, boiling and filtering water and eating dinner, we all made for an early bed. A little after 1 a.m. on Sunday, we woke up, geared up and started up the mountain to attempt to make it to the summit. My team of 3 (Jill, Josh and I) stayed together and took a more technical route, climbing up the hogsback, circumventing the Bergshrund crevasse and climbing a pretty steep route called the Pearly Gates. At around 6:30 a.m., approximately 4 hours after taking our first step, we made it to the summit! It was a magical and emotional moment in time and so great to find friends there waiting for us. For the first time since 2007, my original rope team, Bob, Josh, Daniel and I, were standing on the top of Mt. Hood (and some would even say Oregon) again.


Heading up Saturday morning

Climbing up and up

My amazing and beautiful climbing partner, Jill.
Can you believe she climbed this thing (and in good spirits) with a hefty blister on her heel??

Feeling happy and alive

After shoveling and stomping a platform in the snow, Bob, Josh, Daniel and I got to work setting up our tent

Color on white, a place to lay my head for the night

Taking a picture of Josh taking a picture of camp

Camp chores: melting and filtering snow for water bottles

A cozy tent for 4 backdropped by the sunset and Illumination Rock


Summit day! Jill and I take a break to enjoy the viewright below the Bergschrund
(photo courtesy of JL)

Looking for some boot pack as I lead the group towards the Pearly Gates for a little while
(photo courtesy of JL)

A very special sight...the pyramid shadow of the mountain created by the rising sun

Daniel passes us, heading towards Pearly Gates left, as Josh climbs up Pearly Gates right to get an anchor set for our belay

Jill and I climbing up the Pearly Gates while on belay
(photo courtesy of JL)

At the summit, enjoying the view with some happy tears in my eyes

The original rope team from our climb in 2007: Bob, Josh, Daniel and I. 4 years later, we meet at the summit again. Love these guys!

Walking the ridge, high on the mountaintop with dramatic and beautiful drop-offs on both sides
(photo courtesy of JL)

Descending the mountain via the Old Chute
(photo courtesy of JL)

Jill and I taking a break from down-climbing to chat a little
(photo courtesy of JL)

Cleaned up and enjoying a post climb celebration party and fire, followed shortly thereafter by a refreshing soak in the hot tub at Timberline Lodge. It was truly an amazing weekend!
(photo courtesy of IC)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Weekend of the Simple Life

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to live a weekend of the simple life in Aarhus, Denmark. It was a holiday weekend, so I had 3 days off to sleep in, go to the farmers market, sit in the sun, enjoy home cooked meals and view art around the city. Thanks to my Danish friend, Peter, his girlfriend and friends for ensuring that I had a good time.

An idyllic scene at a skate park in Aarhus where Peter and I enjoyed a cold brew in the sun

Peter ordering meat at the farmer's market for Beef Bourguignon (which I then learned how to make later!)

"Sculpture by the Sea" exhibit along the coastline

Creature from the depths

Bike corral next to train station

The art museum, Aros, with the reflection of the late setting sun and the moon

Peter's girlfriend, Kate, in the rainbow at the top of Aros

Amazingly detailed and large Big Boy sculpture