Friday, April 30, 2010

Springtime Softball

It's that time again! Team Box Knockers is well into their 3rd season with their 4th game this upcoming Sunday. I have only had the chance to play one game so far, but it was a doozy and tons of fun. Who knew I'd love softball so much?!?

My chin after getting hit in the face by a ball in game #1
Yes, I cried
Yes, I went back out there and kept playing
And yes, I may have scared all my colleagues in Denmark

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


As part of my new job with Vestas, I have been in Denmark for the last week and a half for some training with my new server team. During the week, I have been staying up north in a small town called Randers but this weekend, I made a solo 3 1/2hour drive to Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is a beautiful city full of copper spires and even some canals. During my short time there, I ate some yummy food, toured the palace where the Crown Prince and Crown Princess are supposed to live and took a boat tour (something I always regretted not doing in Amsterdam).

Now I'm back at work and happy that the airports in Denmark are finally opening up tomorrow after the long closure due to the Iclandic volcano ash cloud. I fly out Friday and am hoping no further closures or long delays keep me from getting home.

A famous canal with lots of life and energy, as well as multiple modes of transportation

Amalienborg, the palaces of the royal family but broken down looks like a name out of a sci-fi movie

They get to wear the coolest hats in Amalienborg

Evening silhouettes

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1st Vestas Business Trip: Pueblo, CO

Last weekend, my new Vestas colleagues and I made our way to Pueblo, Colorado to do some after hours IT work. We were only there overnight and the work took place at an 800 acre site used by Vestas to build towers for the wind turbines.

The goal:
Facilitate the move of a 1000 lb server rack to the new server room.

Though fraught with logistical issues (culminating in a call to an electrician at 10:00 at night), it felt so good to be doing real IT work again, brainstorming for solutions and thinking with a technical perspective. Hopefully, my numerous and neverending round of meetings that I experienced at W+K are a thing of the past.

In the end and despite the unexpected long hours, my team and I stayed positive and got the job done, learning a few things along the way.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Glorious Guatemala

For the past week, I have had the good fortune to travel about Guatemala, and I must say that I had an amazing adventure.

From previous travels in Central/South America, I expected that:
As a rich tourist by Guatemalan standards, someone would try to rip me off (happened at least once)

There would be a multitude of stray dogs, shoe shiners and utterances of "No Gracias" on my part

Local men would get all googly-eyed, say "Hola" or whistle when females pass, as is the culture

What I didn't expect was:
The friendliness of the people as smiles and greetings of "Buenas Dias" were so easily given and received in Antigua

Almost everything I did, whether it be yoga, camping or simply walking down the street, would be within view of 1 or more of Guatemala's 30+ volcanoes

I would get to see the city of Antigua transformed as celebrations for Semana Santa (Holy Week) got underway

So thanks again Michele for suggesting this amazing country as a place for me to escape reality for just a little bit.

The dock at Villa Sumaya, where I spent 3 days on a yoga retreat, doing yoga twice a day

My tent at the Earth Lodge, an avocado grove in the highlands just outside of Antigua

Hanging in a hammock with a view of some volcanoes

An eruption on Volcano Fuego, a common site

Transporting back to Antigua, Guatemala style

Hiking up Volcano Pacaya

Lava flow! So hot it felt like a sauna and the shoes of the girl beside me were melting on the hot rocks

Hiking back down as others come up

Antigua street with yet another volcano

Parque Central in the early morning light

The start of one of the many processions during Semana Santa in Antigua

A Semana Santa float carried down the streets of Antigua by children

A larger float carried by adults

These temporary works of art, known as alfombras, are spread across the streets of Antigua during Holy Week

An alfombra in creation

Leaving Antigua in a tuk-tuk

Check back soon for a Semana Santa video!