Monday, September 5, 2011

Final Adventures in Denmark

As I sat on the train to Copenhagen to catch my flight home, I took a moment to reflect on all the time I've spent in this cool little country over the last 18 months and to wonder if I would ever return. I honestly feel so lucky to have gotten the chance to see and experience Danish culture and to make so many new friends here. With impending life changes on my horizon, possibly making this my last trip to Denmark in quite a while, I tried to live it up as much as possible. My travels took me from Copenhagen to Aarhus to Skagen, the northernmost tip of the country, and to Kolding for my final Vestas team event. When my two weeks here were up, parting was definitely bittersweet. I'll miss you DK.


The Ice Bar in Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid
She had previously been at the World's Fair in Shanghai but now she is back

Vestas Team Event 2011

My boss riding a segway

Very, very fast jet boat rides

Glad there is a sign warning me NOT to do this

A Vestas team event isn't a team event without a helicopter ride....

..or driving an ATV...

..or shooting a shotgun

The girls of IT: myself, Fritzie from Manilla and Violet from Beijing
I feel lucky to work with such strong women who aren't afraid to speak up and be an empowered member in a team of 40+ men

Skagen, the Northernmost Tip of Denmark

My ride, borrowed from a friend, for my solo adventure to the wilds of the north

Grenen or "the stick" of Denmark

Standing where two seas collide

Yumm! Fresh Norway lobster for lunch in the cute town of Skagen