Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Weekend in London

Though most of my weekend was spent working several hours in the servitude of W+K, I did manage to get out on Sunday ang see a bit of the city. It was a treat! I walked to the Tower of London, rummaged around a local market and had a great dinner out on the town with a work colleague.

Phone booths and a British pub

These handy reminders at crosswalks keep me from getting ran over

The London Bridge

Worlds collide: a mix of new and old

Monday, January 18, 2010

Deja Vu in Amsterdam

I visited this beautiful city a short 3 months ago and am now back. I feel like I only just left. I got off the plane on Sunday and went to the same line to get my passport checked, ATM to get euros, ticket window to buy a train ticket and hopped on a very familiar looking train to Amsterdam Central.

Not much has changed while I was away besides remnants of a recent cold spell with snow lying unmelted in some boats and ice chunks in the canals.

I'll be here for two weeks, putting in a lot of hours for my job and dreaming of my upcoming weekend in London.

Colder than it was before

My super cute room, complete with original brick and beams from the 17th century

A typical local only chance to relax so far

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Holiday Happiness in the NE

For two years in a row I have spent Christmas and New Years in the Northeast. This year, I accompanied my new beau, Alex, to his hometown in New Jersey and spent time with his very Italian family and with friends new and old.

When not hanging out in New Jersey and eating lots of yummy Italian food, I had the opportunity to ski in Vermont, to visit my lovely friend, Michele, in NYC and to celebrate New Years with 20 other revelers and some very large dogs at a winery/farm somewhere in New York state.

Chillin' at home in style

Making gnocchi for Christmas dinner

Date night in NYC, complete with tickets to Phantom of the Opera

Central Park

4 skiers-a-skiing on Mt. Snow in Vermont

Post-ski fire and Jenga at the adorable Nutmeg Inn

Horses that needed haying at the winery in New York

Beautiful New Years, complete with a soft snowfall and a grand display of fireworks
Happy New Year!