Friday, September 14, 2012

A Glacier Wedding

Ever wondered what happens when two glacier guides want to get hitched? Probably not but the answer is they get married...on the glacier!! On September 10th, Matt and Alyssa, 2 members of my summer family tied the knot. It was one of the best weddings I've ever attended. With crampons a recommended part of your attire and hilarious Dr. Seauss vows, we all had a little adventure, had a few laughs and helped Matt and Alyssa celebrate their commitment to each other. Much love!
The bride's party all wearing crampons and skirts (over thermals). Most of us had makeup on for the first time all summer too!

Walking across the Matanuska to the groom

The speck on top of the ice fall is the groom, waiting for his bride

Making it to the top, first things first - ice climbing guides getting that champagne we carried up on ice

Well, Don's job is done!
My favorite picture from the night

I will never tire of this view

Don and friends, my employers and overall super amazing couple.

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