Sunday, August 9, 2009

South Sister Summit

Driving back to Portland today with the warm wind rustling my hair and trying to name the mountains of Central Oregon within view, I felt content. Content from spending an entire weekend camping outdoors. Content from successfully summiting South Sister, the 3rd highest mountain in Oregon at 10,358'. And content from creating fond memories with truly amazing friends.

The climb to the summit of the tallest, youngest and highest of the three Sisters pushed my physical limits to the edge, but I luckily hiked within a group taking small steps all the way to the top. This easy pace allowed for some laughter and good conversation, despite the labored breathing and elevated heartbeat. Once at the summit, elation prevailed and celebrating ensued. In total, 15 of us summited throughout the day. Sitting around the campfire that night, all of us were well fed and tired but content with a great sense of accomplishment.

On the way to the summit in the early morning

The very picturesque Broken Top mountain with the morning sun

An awesome climbing crew

Looking back at the glacial lake and surrounding mountains

On the crater rim with Middle Sister and North Sister behind me

Teardrop Pool, the highest lake in Oregon sitting in the crater of South Sister (those are people on the other side)

An afternoon view of Broken Top with a cool wind-gnarled tree

Home sweet home

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